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The United Zanshindo Association is an organization which serves to uphold the integrity of the mixed martial arts style of "Zanshindo." This mma style is taught in several martial arts schools nationwide, and will grow ever more popular as we continue to certify instructors and gain new interest.

Currently, there are five certified Zanshindo courses being offered nationwide, and by 2010, there will be at least another three in operation. The current schools include the Beaufort Martial Arts Academy, the Savannah Martial Arts Academy, the Crossville Hand to Hand Combat Club, Erie Pennsylvania's McCullough Submission Fighting system, and the Southwestern Assemblies of God University's Self-Defense course.

Each of the instructors of these classes are certified black shirt/belt instructors and each class upholds the same standard of realism and adaptability of Zanshindo. Whether your goals are for self-defense instruction, learning mixed martial arts for competition, or to get in the best shape possible through our rigorous fitness activity, a Zanshindo certified school or club will give you the ability to train.

If you would like to know more about one of our Zanshindo certified schools, please scroll down to learn more information about each school. The United Zanshindo Association also certifies other clubs, so if you are interested in becoming a UZA affiliated martial arts school, please contact us or visit out UZA certification page to find out how.

The Beaufort Martial Arts Academy

The Beaufort Martial Arts Academy, formerly McCullough Submission Fighting, is the oldest certified UZA studio, having served the Beaufort, SC area since April of 1997. This school was opened by the founder of the mixed martial arts style Zanshindo, Will McCullough. After 20+ years involved with various martial arts styles including Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, American Boxing, Judo, Kyokushin Karate, and Sambo, Will began teaching extensive mixed martial arts private lessons in Beaufort, SC while stationed there with the United States Marine Corps. After time, his students suggested him forming an actual class type setting and so Will McCullough and his wife Deena McCullough began to put into place the style of Zanshindo. They opened McCullough Submission Fighting in April of 1997 and since, the school has flourished.
In March of 2003, due to several reasons, Will McCullough sold McCullough Submission Fighting to Abraham Stem, Rebecca Stem, and John Manguno who became partners and instructors of McCullough Submission Fighting. Each of these instructors was fully dedicated to the mixed martial arts and offered their unique abilities and instructional qualities to the students. The school continued as such until the summer of 2005 when John and Rebecca Manguno (then married), sold the business to Abe Stem as they prepared to attend Bible college in Waxahatchie Texas. Abe Stem decided to change the name to the Beaufor Martial Arts Academy that year and has been instructing with his wife Brittany Edgin and several certified instructors since.

Beaufort Martial Arts takes adult men and women as well as youth students from 3 years old and above and has classes for youth 5 days a week and for adults 6 days a week.

Feel free to contact Beaufort Martial Arts Academy by calling 843-522-1703, or by emailing your question or concern to info@beaufortmartialarts.us. More information on Beafort Martial Arts can be found by visiting the website at www.beaufortmartialarts.us.

Savannah Martial Arts Academy

The Savannah Martial Arts Academy is an affiliated Zanshindo school located in Savannah, GA. This school was opened in August of 2006 by Abe Stem, the owner of the Beaufor Martial Arts Academy. Savannah Martial Arts Academy was a dream for Abe Stem early on in his days of instructing at Beaufort Martial Arts Academy. So after instructing zanshindo over 3 years in Beaufort, Abe decided to open a gym-based Zanshindo program in the summer of 2006. This would be the only official mixed martial arts school located in Savannah, GA and would lay a great foundation for mixed martial arts and grappling competition in Savannah, GA.
Currently, Savannah Martial Arts Academy is growing and hopefully, will be well on its way to having its own dojo (currently classes are taught from the 24 Hour Family Fitness Center in Savannah). This school although new has great potential to thrive and its students are just as dedicated as any other UZA school nationwide.

Currently, Savannah Martial Arts Academy serves adult men and women as well as children from 5 years and up. Classes are taught 3 times per week in Savannah. As the school flourishes and provides more students, available ages and times with increase.

If you would like to contact Savannah Martial Arts Academy about available class times or any other reason, please feel free to contact them at 912-41-CHOKE or 912-412-4653. You may also email SMAA at info@savannahmartialarts.com and please visit the website at www.savannahmartialarts.com.

Crossville Hand to Hand Combat Club

Classes in Crossville, Tennessee are taught by instuctor Dustin Davis.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University Self-Defense

This is a self-defense class at S.A.G.U. in Waxahatchie Texas by instructors John and Rebecca Manguno. More information coming soon.

McCullough Submission Fighting System in Erie, PA

The founder of the style of Zanshindo William McCullough teaches these classes in Erie, PA. More information coming soon.


If you should need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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