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United Zanshindo Association

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     Board of Directors

The United Zanshindo Association was formed in order to represent the style of Zanshindo nationally and internationally. Central to this mission is the UZA Board of Directors. This group of families and individuals is dedicated to the values presented by the United Zanshindo Association and to the teaching of Zanshindo’s self-defense and character fortifying principles.

Each director oversees a certain aspect of the United Zanshindo Association and all are motivated to the spread of knowledge associated with the UZA. This association is also dedicated to the importance of ethical and moral values and each director shares responsibility with his or her spouse to avoid any division within their families.

These are the positions and the directors of the United Zanshindo Association. For more information or to contact one of these members, please visit our contact page.

UZA President, Founder:
Abe and Brittany Stem

Since being involved in the art of Zanshindo, Abe and Brittany Stem have felt that the importance and education of this martial art should be shared by the world. Therefore, they formed the United Zanshindo Association in order to spread Zanshindo. Since its inception, the UZA has added 5 certified schools and is taught to many people across America. Abe and Brittany work consistently to better serve their students and UZA members abroad by offering the best quality classes available with the best instruction. They are constantly involved in the growth of the United Zanshindo Association and are active in almost every area of its development.

UZA Vice President, Director of Publicity:
Manny and Maria Rodriguez

Manny and Maria Rodriguez have enjoyed martial arts together for years and offer a unique mindset to the UZA board of directors. They always are pursuing new strategies for growth and consistently work on other learning about the style of Zanshindo. These two also form the publicists spot on our board and can be contact about any type of article or segment about the United Zanshindo Association. Manny Rodriguez is also the editor and author of the UZA’s newsletter which shares the news of the UZA with people around the country.

UZA Director of Funds:
David and Rachel Sumpter

It takes a devoted team to run the United Zanshindo Association, David and Rachel Sumpter are definitely that. This family works nonstop to raise funds and gain sponsorships to help our competition team make it to competitions and for our members to get new supplies and equipment. They are responsible for fundraisers to fund the UZA and for sponsors for our team and also for our charity events. The Sumpters are available for anyone interested in donating to our team or interested in sponsoring the UZA or its competitors.

UZA Director of Fitness Education:
Justin and Dina Granet

Justin and Dina Granet are the heartbeat of the UZA Fitness Program which certifies personal trainers and nutritionists and offers children a lifestyle of health and fitness. This fitness program seeks to educate children and their parents on the necessity that is a healthy lifestyle. Children are likely to remember what they were taught as they become adults and therefore the fitness program blends martial arts, fitness, and nutrition into a lifestyle that these children will in turn teach to their children. If you have a school or center for children and you would like to offer the UZA Fitness Program, please contact these two immediately.

UZA Director of Certification:
Noel Poff

Noel Poff, black shirt instructor and Director of UZA Certification is responsible for the curriculum and testing of the UZA certified instructors. Along with Presidents Abe and Brittany Stem, he has formed the exams necessary for students to become instructors and continues to seek out effective possibilities and scenarios to test our prospective instructors. He is also one of the top competitors on the UZA competition team and trains constantly to be the best and represent the style of Zanshindo to the world through winning in competition.

If you should need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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