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     UZA Certification Programs

The United Zanshindo Association has several certification options for instructors, and school owners. We provide material, class time, and internships for developing Certified Zanshindo Instructors and you have the chance use your certification for a fulfilling career as a martial arts instructor or a martial arts school owner.

Become a Martial Arts Instructor? Is that really an option for me in today’s economy? Of course it is. And we feel that our unique style, friendly method of instruction, and helpful resources will allow you to become very successful in the world of mixed martial arts.

“Mixed martial arts” is among the world’s and certainly our nation’s fastest growing sports. Because the recently popularity of MMA from popular cable television reality shows, televised pay-per-view competitions, and documentaries, mixed martial arts has propagated itself as one of the most consumed sports on television. And this shouldn’t be ignored. Our certification program will allow you to become not only a skillful practitioner in mixed martial arts, but also a talented instructor, and a successful school owner.

Our in-depth instruction on how to correctly instruct classes for men, women, and children, will allow you to seize the market in your area, or guarantee yourself a spot on any martial arts school’s team of instructors. There are several options for you to choose from below, so please look over them to see what you feel is right for you. Once you have found a plan that fits you best, contact a UZA representative immediately to find out what it takes to get started.

UZA Certified Zanshindo Instructor

This certification is an in-depth program developed to train a student to become a teacher. Once certified, an instructor may teach at any affiliated UZA school, may offer special private lessons (up to $75.00 per hour), and may become a Certified Zanshindo School Owner. This is not a short term program. Some programs offer a two day seminar or a 6 week program, but we feel that it is necessary for instructors to be fully aware of their responsibilities. Therefore, we offer an 18 month program to serious instructors only. The result is an instructor that has the knowledge and training to be successful in teaching men, women, and children in almost any circumstance.

Training includes written assignments, lecture time, class training, and of course, hands on internship. Again, we are a serious organization and wish to certify serious applicants in order to offer the best instruction available.

UZA Certified Zanshindo School Owner

This certification is only for certified instructors that would like to take the step from teaching classes to owning or operating their own school. This certification allows the instructor to open their own United Zanshindo Association certified studio and teach students. This is a very valuable certification that can offer you the chance to earn thousands per month once your school is established. This course covers additional training techniques and internship while also gaining additional knowledge in business matters that a school owner might face. The School Owner Certification course also offers customer service classes, a how to class on marketing and advertisement, and other topics necessary for a successful martial arts school.

This class comes in two levels; Level 1 deals with advanced instructor certification and basic business preparation such as location, type of business, how to form a business, and so forth. Level 2 teaches more advanced business principles such as ways to get publicity, tax information, and ways to get more business, as well as an instructor trainer certification which allows school owners to in turn certify other instructors at their school. The length for this course will vary upon the schedule of the student and the instructors but usually lasts at least 12 months and can last up to 24 months. All school owners are subject to vote by the board of directors.

UZA Personal Training Certification

The UZA holds fitness as an important step in martial arts achievement; therefore, it sees the benefit in personal fitness training certification. At this time, there is no defined course on personal training, but this certification will be ready in the near future for students and instructors who would like to teach others the benefits of fitness training.

UZA Nutritionist Certification

Right in line with fitness training is healthy eating. Therefore, the United Zanshindo Association is on its way to develop a nutritionist certification geared toward a healthy active lifestyle. This course is not yet defined, but will be in effect within the near future for those interested in being a UZA certified nutritionist.

If you are interested in the benefits of one of these certifications and would like to know how to become certified in one of these areas, please contact us with information on your goals and experience.

If you should need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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