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     UZA Membership and Benefits

Those who elect to become members of the United Zanshindo Association are welcome to do so if they would like. There are several rules and regulations for members of the UZA but there are also many benefits that are offered to UZA members. Please look over our Rules and Regulations to see if you would like to be a member and then view our membership benefits which offer great incentives to those who choose to become members.

Rules and Regulations

United Zanshindo Members are required to agree to these rules and regulations before they are considered true members of the UZA. UZA membership is recommended for any students practicing in a certified Zanshindo school, but is not necessary. If you decline membership for whatever reason, you will not be forced to stop training, but you will be ineligible for any rewards or benefits associated with becoming a United Zanshindo Association Member.

To be a member, you must agree to the UZA’s code of ethics.

Membership Fees

You must pay a yearly membership fee as a United Zanshindo Association member. This fee may be changed at any time, but once fee is paid, you will not have to pay a higher rate regardless of change until the end of your effective membership date. The current rate is $50 per person per 12 month period.

Membership dues are additional fees to your training fees. These fees are not to be used to pay your monthly or yearly training fees at your local UZA studio.

You will be contacted prior to the end of your yearly membership regarding the next year’s membership options.

You may lose membership if you break any rules or regulations featured here. This decision is made by the Board of Directors or another appropriate board within the UZA.

UZA Membership Benefits

Once you have agreed to all rules and regulations, you will be entitled to the benefits that come from being a UZA member. These benefits are available nationwide and extend to any of our affiliated UZA schools.

  1. Members receive a subscription to newsletter. UZA members will receive a free subscription to our online and mailed newsletter in order to stay up-to-date with all the news and events that the UZA or UZA affiliated schools will have.
  2. Members receive a t-shirt. UZA members will receive a UZA t-shirt to proudly wear whenever they would like, including to stand in for a uniform t-shirt at their local studio.
  3. Members receive a discount on gear. Active members will be entitled to a 10% discount on all gear ordered online at www.zanshindo.com.
  4. Members receive a discount on events. Active members will be entitled to a discounted rate on any special seminars, tournaments, or events held by the UZA or a UZA affiliate school.
  5. Members may try out for the competition team. Only members can be on the competition team. This competition team will pay for certain fees such as tournament entrance fees and certain special competition gear for the competitors on the team. UZA team members will also be invited to interschool tournaments annually with the best in each weight class receiving certain gifts and prizes.
  6. Members can achieve the rank of Black Shirt/Black Belt. A student of any of the UZA’s affiliated schools must be an active UZA member for a minimum of 2 years consecutively in order to test for black belt or black shirt. This does not guarantee that you will test in two years, but members must be active for at least two years to be allowed to test for Black Belt/Black Shirt.
  7. Members can become certified Instructors. Any student wanting to become a Certified Zanshindo Instructor must have an active UZA membership. This includes certified instructors that wish to continue their certification. Instructors must be active UZA members in order to maintain their certification.
  8. Members can own or operate UZA affiliated studios. Any certified instructor wishing to open his/her own UZA affiliated school must be an active UZA member. Instructors who forfeit their membership will not be permitted to open or operate a UZA affiliated martial arts studio.
  9. Members can be on the Advisory Committee. This is a voluntary committee, but is available only to active members. You must be voted upon in order to be accepted to the national advisory committee.
  10. Members can be on the Board of Directors. This board is only available to certain members and each seat is held until it is forfeited by the member, or if the person passes away, or if the person is voted off the board due to breaking the rules and regulation of the board of directors. When such an occurrence takes place, only a UZA active member will be permitted to join the Board of Directors.

If you would like to become a UZA member, please contact us to receive your membership package. Just email us your name, postal address, email address and phone number, and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding what it will take to become a member.

Have a martial arts school and want to know what you have to do to have your school become a UZA affiliated school? Click here to see the benefits of becoming a UZA affiliated school.

If you should need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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